Aurora Council 2018-2022

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Fix a broken system

-    Develop a quality administrative team

o    They are the engine of the municipality

o    Make sure staff have the opportunity for training and personal growth

o    Develop an environment so that creativity and critical thinking is encouraged

o    Make sure staff are supported and well managed.

-    Tone down the influence of special interest groups

o    While it is encouraged to have public participation, special interest groups should be there to help develop ideas, not push through specific agendas

-    Properly manage decisions that come before council.

o    Ensure Council has the appropriate information in order to make good decisions.

o    Push for more accountability to prevent more multi-million dollar project overruns.

o    Implement the appropriate zoning bylaw, which is in line with our current Official Plan to address the Stable/established Neighbourhood issue.


Modernize Town Council’s approach to community engagement

-    Referendums on big issues

o    I will encourage the use of modern day communication tools to have a sense of the pulse of the community on major decisions 

– ie Budgets, large public investments, significant planning decisions etc.

-    Task forces

o    In an effort to have better public awareness, I envision having Task Forces to be incubators for great ideas.

o    Citizen driven entities that are put together for specific Tasks, not in contrast, but enhancing our existing committees.

-    Establish new ways to communicate and engage residents

o    Bring the public back into town Council’s decision making processes.  Learn first, make decisions second.

o    We need to embark on a significant program to reach each and every Auroran and making sure their voice is heard.

o    Email, social media, house to house, neighbouhood ambassadors etc.


Economic, Sports, Cultural Development and Heritage

-    Economic- Business Centre of York Region

o    Work with all level of governments to ensure we have a solid infrastructure to attract new industry 

(transportation, skilled workforce, telecommunications, health care hubs)

-    Sports – Healthy Society

o    Work collaboratively with all users groups to ensure voices are heard when it comes to sport and recreation in Aurora.

o    Advocate to acquire, partner or better use, land for recreation purposes.

-    Cultural Development and Heritage

o    Continue to support our cultural partners such as the Aurora Cultural Centre, Museum, Aurora Historical Society and Library.

o    Ensure our built and natural heritage treasures are protected.


Restore Aurora’s Commitment to Environmental Protection

-    Complete the wildlife park

o    After decades of work by Mr. Tomlinson and many others, we need to invest and finish the wildlife park started so many years ago.  

It has taken a back seat to many other less significant projects and it’s time to bring it up to the top of the “to do” list.

o    I will champion the implementation of the wildlife park.

o    Make sure environmentally sensitive lands remain protected.


-    Community gardens – growing our own vegetables…

o    It is my intent to advocate for investments to be made for new full year green house community gardens.  

o    Community gardens not only provide food, they promote community building, youth involvement, education, space to retreat from our busy lives and 

       much more.

-    Full Town wide recycling program- Be the envy of York Region

o    Not every business in Aurora is recycling, or is given the opportunity to recycle.  

o    I will make sure every business, with the help of the town, implements a recycling program.